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gail smiler



My name is Gail Smiler. My skin name is Nangala.

I live at Bayulu Community near Fitzroy Crossing.

I am a Walmajarri and Kriol speaker

I have lived all my life in Fitzroy. I also grew up around here. All my schooling was here in Fitzroy Crossing right up till year 12.

In the early days we used to speak in our own language. When I went to school we spoke Kriol because there was a mix of kids from different languages in the same school .

I left school and decided to look for a job. I was working for the Community Health Service around the stations in the Fitzroy Area.

After that I spent 1 year and 7 months working for CHS, then went over to the AIM Hospital. After that I got a job as an Aboriginal Education Worker at Bayulu Primary School for 7 years. Then I did further training in early childhood studies and got my certificate.

I decided to do more training in interpreting because it was very important to do this course to help me to understand both cultures.

When I did the course, it really helped me with my job and with the Kartiya (i.e. ‘white fellas’) way of understanding, of working together and making our people aware of what's going on around the place.

Today, I work for KALACC (Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre, Fitzroy Crossing). I have been working there for 5 years. I do a lot of interpreting in our meetings. I have also been working with Mangkaja Art Centre for 2 years. I also do a lot of interpreting with them as well.

I am also Chairperson for Wangki Radio Station in Fitzroy Crossing and Community Member for Cultural Health Service and the Vice Chairperson for Mangkaja Art Centre.

I work as a contract interpreter for KIS (Kimberley Interpreting Service) and do a lot of court interpreting.

I really like doing interpreting around the place wherever it is needed.